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As simple and fun as LEGO
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Make a computer

A playful computer and coding kit for ages 6 and up — just like LEGO

What’s in the box?

Assemble your computer: brain, memory, keyboard, wifi dongle, speaker and connect it to your TV, computer or Kano screen to start learning.

As simple and fun as LEGO

Guided storybooks and simple steps show you how to make a computer.

For ages six and up, all over the world

For the generation that wants to create technology – not just consume it.

Everything you need

An all-in-one Computer Kit: books, bits, apps, games, challenges, and a global community.

The simplest way to start coding

Award-winning design, based on 10,000 hours with educators, artists, parents, and kids.

Create, don't consume

Draw art, make music, code games, like Minecraft, Snake and Pong. Build over 1000 creative projects.

Play with friends

Kids join a community of creators and learners from 86 countries.

Feels like a game

Kids learn skills and level up by completing challenges and sharing with friends.

Built for good. Loved worldwide.

The most-crowdfunded learning invention ever.

Talk computer

"Oh my gosh, we can talk to a computer!"

Angie (9)

We made games

"We made our own games. It was so fun when we used code. Usually on Minecraft you can’t do stuff like that!"

Hayley (9)

Weird and wonderful

"I feel amazing! We started out with this box of weird things and we ended up making our own real computer."

Jared (8)

Super children!

"We’re young, so adults will say we’re a bit incapable, but today we made a computer – we’re like super children!"

Khalid (7)

Create with code

See what kids can draw with code


New to Kano

What is Kano?

The Kano Computer Kit is a computer anyone can make™. You build and code it yourself. It’s a fun way to make, play and express your creativity with technology.

What ages is Kano for?

Kano is for kids and the young at heart! We've found it works especially well for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

What can kids make with Kano?

Kano Kids are using the Computer Kit today to:

Build a computer with plug-and-play pieces
Make music and artworks with code
Create games like Pong and Snake. Code worlds in Minecraft
Build radios, servers, and websites
Do homework, make documents

Do parents need to know about computers?

No prior knowledge is needed. We provide a step-by-step storybook, the Kano Book to guide you. 

Is adult supervision necessary when playing with Kano?

Some children between 6-8 years old may require parental supervision when reading the Kano Book and assembling the Computer Kit components. Children 8 years and older are proven to be quite self sufficient on their Kano!

How do you actually code on Kano?

Kano provides an introduction to various programming languages including Python and Javascript. Kids will learn Python through our Kano Blocks by making Minecraft and Pong, and can dive into the world of Linux by going on a Terminal Quest and by making Snake.

How to Buy

What’s inside the Kano Computer Kit?

The Computer Kit comes with 11 plug-and-play components including:
A Raspberry Pi 2
Wireless keyboard with multi-touch trackpad
A DIY speaker, case-mounted and powered by GPIO
Power and HDMI cables
Wi-Fi dongle, Kano OS 8GB Memory Card
A US, UK or EU USB power supply
Two illustrated story books: “Make a computer” and “Code powers”
4 sheets of stickers and case cards

What are the dimensions of the Kano Computer Kit?

The Kano Computer Kit weighs 3.2 lbs/1.45 kg. Its dimensions are:
15" x 8" x 3"
46 x 21 x 8 cm

What warranty does Kano Computer Kit offer?

We provide a 1-year warranty on the Kano Computer Kit. Full details can be found here.

Does the Kano Computer Kit come with a Screen?

The Kano Computer Kit does not come with a screen but it works with almost any TV or Monitor with an HDMI connection.Monitors with VGA or DVI connections will require the purchase of an additional adapter to support Kano. To find out the recommended adapters please have a look at this help article.

We have just released The Screen Kit - An HD Display Anyone Can Make. It's a portable, playful HD display you build yourself. It’s a new make-it-yourself moment, to demystify the display, and take Kano portable.

Using the Computer Kit

How does the Kano Computer Kit connect to the internet?

You can get your Kano Computer Kit online quickly and easily using the Wi-Fi dongle in the box. Don’t have Wi-Fi? No problem - you can use a wired connection too.

Which languages is the Kano Computer Kit available in?

The Kano Computer Kit is currently only available in English. We’re working on translating Kano into other languages. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Does Kano have parental controls?

Yes, there are 4 levels of parental controls on the Kano Computer Kit. These range from blocking blacklisted websites to only allowing access on Kano World.

Is Kano used in the classroom?

Yes, Kano is being used in hundreds of schools across the US, UK, EU, Asia and even parts of Africa. For those specifically interested in purchasing Kano for education, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Finally! A way to trick my kid into a lucrative career.

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